Rachel Perry

Miss Massachusetts’ Outstanding Teen 2019

We all have the opportunity to be role models for others.  I strive to be a positive role model for teens and pre-teens.  This possibility really impacted me during my first trip to the Massachusetts State House.  While in the restroom, I met two middle school teens who were visiting on a field trip.  They were enamored by the crown in the crown box and within minutes, two girls turned into five which turned into twelve and then overflowed into the hallway of the State House and ended in their final photo of the day for their school trip.  Before the photo, we talked about getting good grades, exploring meaningful extracurricular activities, giving back to the community and having confidence in oneself.  It was at that moment, in the State House bathroom, that I realized I am a role model too.  I am humbled and honored to wear this crown.  Not only do I represent the teens of Massachusetts, but I can use this position to inspire hope to future generations of amazing Massachusetts role models.

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